Sustainable Dutch Solutions

As a result of increasing effects of climate change and rapidly increasing urbanization flows, countries have to cope with challenges on a big scale. Caused by their rapid growth and direct exposure to the might of the sea, cities struggle to a great degree with complex economic, social and environmental challenges on energy, water, food and healthcare related issues. To illustrate Holland as a ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ outstanding showcases have been selected below.

Smart solutions to global challenges

As a country within a low-lying delta, Holland has an age-old relationship with water. Tackling water challenges through tenacity and collaboration, the Dutch created their own livable habitat. This innovative mindset is still very much part of the Dutch DNA today. By working with nature, the Dutch have succeeded in creating sustainable solutions for the growth of their economy. Being a model Sustainable Urban Delta, the Netherlands provides real-world solutions for cities today.

 ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ defines the Dutch way of working, driven by future growth, integration, innovation and looking at the bigger picture. What are the world’s most urgent challenges and what solutions does Holland contribute to establish future growth? These are the challenges that the Dutch are addressing:

  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Cities
  • Food Security
  • Secure Societies
  • Clean energy
  • Healthy Living
  • Data Innovation
  • Circular Economy
  • Water Security