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Tree-Planting for Damping Waves and Flood Control

Dutch research institution Deltares has started an experiment using willow trees to break waves, limiting the damage water can do ...

News item | 08-08-2018 | 10:30

The Netherlands, World’s Second-Best Innovative Economy

The Netherlands jumped one place in the Global Innovation Index 2018 (GII). That makes the Dutch the second-best innovative ...

News item | 30-07-2018 | 16:36

Six Teams Selected To Develop Groundbreaking Urban Water Projects In Asia

Water, Sustainable, Innovative, Netherlands, Holland, Water management, Dutch

News item | 25-07-2018 | 15:30

The Smartest Part of the North Sea is Dutch

Scientists, companies and authorities have access to their own piece of North Sea. The ‘Smartest Part of the North Sea’ - right ...

News item | 23-07-2018 | 13:05

Red Devils Beat Football Opponents with Data Analytics

Belgium’s national football squad – the Red Devils - made it to the last 4 of the World Cup Football in Russia. A great ...

News item | 10-07-2018 | 14:32

The Dutch are (Robot) Football Champions of the World!

The World Cup Football in Russia has entered the final stages of the tournament. Meanwhile the Netherlands are already football ...

News item | 05-07-2018 | 16:52

Cleaning Toxic Wastewater With Used Toilet Paper

Medical waste in wastewater is becoming a significant problem in the water purification process. The Water Authority Vallei en ...

News item | 26-06-2018 | 13:57

Our (3D-Printed) House, in the Middle of the Street

Building houses using bricks, mortar and traditional building tools will one day become a thing of the past, according to ...

News item | 20-06-2018 | 09:53

We Are Off To The World Cup! But Not As You Think

The Netherlands might not be performing at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but we will still be part of the largest sporting event ...

News item | 12-06-2018 | 11:23

MosaMeat’s Cultured Meat Revolution

Netherlands, Cultured Meat, Holland, environment, innovative, sustainable, agri-food

News item | 07-06-2018 | 16:07