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A Dune Disguised as a Parking Lot

When the town of Katwijk wanted to solve its parking problem, but also beef up their coastal protection, they came up with a ...

News item | 08-10-2019 | 16:47

The World’s Largest Bike Shed

With the largest amount of bicycles per capita in the world, you would expect the Netherlands to build accommodations for parking ...

News item | 18-09-2019 | 14:22

Wastewater purification system, that floats

Amsterdam’s De Keuvel floating housing development has its own floating wastewater treatment facility, a world’s first. It ...

News item | 14-08-2019 | 09:53

Flying-V: different shape, same capacity, more sustainable

Dutch university TU-Delft and Netherlands airline giant KLM partnered up to make the aviation sector more sustainable. Their ...

News item | 19-07-2019 | 11:25

Sustainable Hamburgers Made From….. Crickets?!

With the cricket burgers, Dutch company De Krekerij gives sustenance to the protein transition, a shift from less meat and more ...

News item | 24-06-2019 | 16:51

World Food Prize Goes To Dutchman For Work With Seeds And Small Farmers

Dutch, Netherlands, Holland, Sustainable, World Food, Agro-food

News item | 20-06-2019 | 16:08

Water Permeable Tiles Made From Recycled Sludge

If you think of sludge, you think of useless by-product. Dutch start-up Waterweg came up with a recycling process that turns this ...

News item | 19-06-2019 | 16:02

Gamechanger in the World of Textile Dye

Dutch company CleanDye developed the world’s 1st machines that don’t use water or chemicals for the textile dyeing process. Using ...

News item | 10-06-2019 | 13:55

KLM Invests in First European Bio-Kerosine Plant

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is to invest millions of euros in the first European industrial plant to produce sustainable aviation ...

News item | 05-06-2019 | 10:40

Connecting the Netherlands with the World by Rail

The Netherlands remains the primary gateway into and out of Europe and the rest of the world – road, rail, air and sea. Rail has ...

News item | 08-05-2019 | 16:17