Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) took place from 4-8 November in the Dutch capital. The biennial conference discusses global water issues and also shows the latest innovations in water technology. This year’s focus point: ‘smart cities’ the implementation of integrated solutions by cities, industries, utilities and financiers - from cases to bankable projects.

Holland Pavilion at Amsterdam International Water Week

Holland Pavilion at Amsterdam International Water Week

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) provides a platform to connect the water sector, businesses, government and related sectors, and create sustainable solutions across water, waste, urban development, energy and finance.

This year’s main theme was bankability – the important role investors and financiers play in the development of integrated water projects and the need that they be involved at the right stage of the campaign. The AIWW conference facilitated the matchmaking between the water sector and financial sector.

Amsterdam Agreements 2019

The Amsterdam Agreements aim to support new partnerships between case owners, experts, suppliers and investors. Its goal is to achieve sustainable cooperation resulting in breakthroughs on water issues, whilst providing a concrete approach to work on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The following 4 new agreements were announced at the conference:

  • Smart Rooftops (RESILIO)
  • Living Labs (AMS Institute and Waternet)
  • River Based Management (NWP and OMVS)
  • Smart Water Metering System (KIFFWA, Earth View and Resource Water Authority).

Aquatech Amsterdam

With 25,000 water experts and 1000 exhibiting companies, Aquatech Amsterdam is one of the leading water trade shows in the world. Its aim is to exchange ideas and facilitate business between water professionals and other professionals, as well as potential clients. The event also offers a platform to explore the latest innovations, trends and products regarding water related solutions.

Aqua Innovation Awards

Groundbreaking innovations take center stage at the Aqua Innovation Awards. These awards acknowledge the technological developments that have the potential to realize true change on the worldwide water market.

The Kaumera Nereda gum took this year’s overall award for their bio-based resource made from aerobic granular sludge, which is derived from the Nereda wastewater treatment process. The gum can be used as a replacement for a variety of petrochemical resources.