Meet the Dutchies over Coffee – Web Summit Lisbon 2018

Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon has come and gone. The Netherlands was present to show some #DutchSpirit to the tech world. With over 70,000 attendees, there was enough attention to go around and despite the crowd, the Dutch delegation still managed to stand out.

Holland booth at Web Summit 2018

Holland booth at Web Summit 2018

Throughout the 4 days (5-8 November) of Web Summit 2018, companies had the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a jury and the public. The Dutch pitches attracted a good crowd and after each pitch, the audience had the opportunity to post their questions. These were displayed on a screen through the Web Summit app. Subsequently, the public’s votes elected the winner of each round.

Two Dutch startups, ECG-Excellence and Plant-E, managed to reach the finals of a product pitch challenge at Web Summit. ECG-Excellence, whose product can prevent cardiac diseases, won the challenge!

Besides these pitches, actual products were also demonstrated through the Machine Demo competition. This contest was also won by ECG Excellence.

Royal support

In addition to the different companies, startups, and larger companies - the Dutch delegation also had the support of Constantijn Van Oranje, special envoy of StartupDelta. He supported the Dutch delegation during the event and hosted talks about innovation, ecosystem building and tech in the Netherlands.

Web Summit quick facts

  • 50+ VIP meetup sessions;
  • 70+ Dutch Startups showcasing state of the art Dutch Tech;
  • 1 Dutch Machine Demo Winner pioneer (ECG Excellence);
  • 1 full Holland Corner answering  your questions about coming to the Netherlands and serving the internationalization of Dutch companies;
  • 2500+ cups of coffee served.

Lisbon was a great host to this international tech event. StartupDelta, the Dutch government and all of the participating companies have shown the world the best the Netherlands has to offer in the world of tech.

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