One Liter Hydrogen Will Take You Far, Very Far

Imagine driving from the Netherlands to the south of Spain, and back, on a single tank of fuel. And, envision your car telling you how to get there as efficiently as possible. The students at Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) in the Netherlands have developed a car that is capable of all that.


Eco-Runner car

TU-Delft’s Eco-Runner-Team chose to use 1 liter of hydrogen as their power source to propel a vehicle for 5,000 kilometers. Although it is not the first time the students use hydrogen to power a car, it is the first time that they are using it in a smart car.

The electric car uses hydrogen as an energy source. It emits no CO2 gasses through the use of this combination of power sources.

TU-Delft wants to show the world that the boundaries of car efficiency development have not been reached yet. ‘By using sustainable energy sources and use them smartly, we can take large steps in reducing CO2 emissions in the mobility sector’, according to Eco-Runner-Team manager Joël Croese.


The car has self-learning software installed and gives instructions to the driver about how to get the best mileage out of 1 liter of fuel. It advises what speed, steering angle and breaking power to use to drive as efficiently as possible.

Shell Eco-marathon

The hydrogen smart-car will compete at the annual Shell Eco-marathon in July, 2018, a competition that they won back in 2015. This international race will have several teams battling out who has the most efficient vehicle.

Smart mobility

The Netherlands is a frontrunners of e-mobility and smart mobility. The country’s ambition it to promote electric driving and the use of bio-fuels to reduce CO2 emissions.