Dutch Wastewater Treatment Technology Heads for North America

The Netherlands-based company Royal HaskoningDHV has introduced innovative biological wastewater treatment technology, Aqua Nereda, together with Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc, to Canada and the USA. The technology makes purification of wastewater sustainable; demands less energy and uses no chemicals.

Water purification

Drops of water falling

The Nereda process is the brainchild of the Dutch institutions: Delft University, Dutch Water Authorities and private company Royal HaskoningDHV.

The technology makes it possible to purify wastewater without chemicals. Normally the granules - biological cells that are barely visible with a microscope - used during the process require a long decant phase. However, with Nereda’s technology the draining operation is significantly shorter and the biological treatment actions can take place simultaneously - requiring just 1 tank.

In addition, Nereda’s technology saves up to 50% on energy-costs compared to current treatment facilities. It also requires less space to build a treatment plant, just a quarter of the area a regular installation needs.

Nereda has been successfully using this technology for more than 12 years. There are currently 40 sewage treatments plants operational or under construction in the world.

North American introduction

Recently, Nereda entered the USA and Canadian market where they have installed a giant 200,000-gallon (757,000 liters) pilot facility in the US state of Illinois. It demonstrates the advantages of the Aqua-Aerobic Sytems Inc. treatment technology at a wide range of water level depths. The plant also shows how a North American site can grow and store the biological cells needed to accelerate biological nutrient removal from wastewater sludge.

The main objective of the test facility is to demonstrate that, although stored in shipping containers for 3 months, granules can acclimatize rapidly. The granules are ready to treat contaminated water within 2 weeks.

The demonstration facility will also provide information for Canadian and US engineers and plant operators who want to learn more about the Nereda technology.