Holland Invests In International Schools For Expat Children

International schools are on the rise in Holland, due to the growing amount of business locating here from abroad. The Dutch government is investing millions in schooling for the children of expats.


The aim is to ensure that Holland remains attractive to international businesses. “Foreign firms are responsible for some 900,000 jobs” according to the Dutch Economic Affairs Ministry, “Good international education is an important factor for these firms in deciding where to locate”.

More expat children

Children of foreign workers often have to go to an international school. Over the past 5 years, the number of children going to international schools in Holland has gone up by 47 %.

The trend is expected to continue. Holland has incentives for international start-ups and the interest from companies considering the Netherlands has greatly increased, especially since the impending UK Brexit.

The Hague and Amsterdam

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the cities of The Hague and Amsterdam will invest a total of €10.7 million in the schools. 

Amsterdam in particular has long waiting lists for international schools. The city aims to invest in existing schools and new schools as well as providing schooling for international pupils at regular Dutch schools.