‘The Dutch Start-up Climate’

During an economic mission to the USA in January 2017, Dutch minister for Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, delivered an enthusiastic speech about the successful Dutch start-up climate to Berkeley University students.

Henk Kamp at Berkeley University

Henk Kamp at Berkeley University

In his speech Kamp stressed the economic importance of Dutch start-ups. More than 40 percent of new jobs are with companies that were founded less than 5 years ago. “Start-ups drive innovation and give young, talented people and future entrepreneurs the chance to develop,” said Kamp.

He gave the successful start-up companies, Booking.com, Elastic, Catawiki and Adyen as prime examples.

Start Up Delta

Kamp named Holland’s infrastructure, the ‘Start Up Delta’ organisation and the Dutch mind-set and love of innovation as the main reasons for the above average success rate for starting businesses in Holland.

Start Up Delta , with Start Up Envoy, Prince Constantijn of Orange, provides national and foreign investors with tools to start their company.

‘The Dutch Way’

In addition, Kamp announced that the Dutch government will allocate an extra 50 million dollars to start-ups annually. “Together, we work hard to give even more space to innovation and entrepreneurship in our delta. Making it is the best place to start a company, to grow, and to expand across borders”.

Kamp called the collaboration between the government and companies “the Dutch way,” reflecting the Dutch government’s continued efforts to stimulate start-up businesses and creativity.

Read Henk Kamp’s full speech