Paul Verhoeven’s film Elle could win Best Actress Oscar

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s film “Elle” has won a slew of awards this movie award season. "Elle” is now up for an Academy Award, as Isabelle Huppert is nominated for Best Actress.

Paul Verhoeven directing Isabelle Huppert in Elle

Paul Verhoeven directing Isabelle Huppert in Elle

Image: Sony Classics

The French psychological thriller “Elle” already received a number of international film festival and critic awards. Most notably the Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Foreign Language film. It was nominated for a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival.

Huppert also received critical acclaim for her portrayal of a business woman, who plots revenge after she is raped at home.

Hollywood success

Paul Verhoeven had his first successes with Dutch movie classics “Soldier of Orange”and “Turkish Delight”, but is best known for his 80s and 90s Hollywood blockbusters “Basic Instinct”, “Robocop”, “Total Recall´ and “Stormship Troopers.”

His last film before Elle was the critically acclaimed Dutch WWII drama “Black Book” (2006), which was shortlisted for a Best Foreign Language Oscar.

The Red Turtle

A Dutch nominee to look out for at the Oscars is director Michael Dudok de Wit, who is nominated in the category Best Animated Feature for his fairy tale “The Red Turtle”, a French-Japanese collaboration.