Google opens sustainable data centre in the Netherlands

Internet giant Google has opened a data center in the northern Dutch town  of Eemshaven to accommodate the growth in digital services for Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and the cloud. Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp expects the new data centre to generate more business in the Province of Groningen.

Google opens datacentre in Eemshaven

Local bonds

The company has invested 600 euros in the project which has generated 200 jobs for IT engineers, mechanical engineers as well as office staff, caterers and security personnel. Staff can be trained locally in coding at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences , making the area even more attractive to other IT companies. And creating a long-lasting bond between the company and the local economy.

Renewable energy

The Eemshaven is a perfect place for the data center due to its central location, abundance of space, high-capacity electrical infrastructure and fast internet. It is the first data centre to use renewable energy and sustainable technology from day 1. The centre is uses ‘grey’ water from household waste and cold air for cooling its servers. The latest technology in cooling and sustainable energy has been applied to make it more efficient. Its renewable energy comes from a nearby wind park.    

Cloud computing

‘This shows that this region has a lot to offer to international and IT companies,’ said Minister Kamp at the opening ceremony. Another ten to twenty companies are considering moving to the region. 

The data center contains computers running cloud services. Demand for such services has grown as consumers and companies use the cloud more and more rather than saving documents on the hard disk on their own computers. 

The Eemshaven location is the fourth Google data centre in Europe. The new centre hails the arrival of a network of energy efficient datacenters.