The Netherlands a Crowdfunding Leader in Europe

The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners in the crowdfunding industry in Europe, according to a report by Crowdfundinghub. The Dutch crowdfunding industry raised a total of € 128 million in 2015. The industry annually doubled its volume over the past few years. Crowdfunding is an alternative way to raise monetary contributions from a large number of people.

Working together

Working together

The report top-ranks the Netherlands because of the maturity of the Dutch crowdfunding industry. The organization also mentions the Dutch government’s positive attitude towards the crowdsourcing market.

Crowdfundinghub published their findings in its ‘Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe’ report. The knowledge-centre researched the crowdfunding industry in 25 European countries.

Sustainable projects

Thanks to the popularity of crowdfunding in the Netherlands, sustainable projects managed to accumulate more money than ever. According to Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( € 11.5 million was raised for sustainable energy projects through Dutch crowdfunding platforms last year, 10% of the total market. predicts further growth of the industry in the coming years.

Dutch crowdsourcing website Oneplanetcrowd, specialized in sustainable projects, received a € 1 million boost giving the company the opportunity to extend its services. Dutch company Peerby managed to raise more than € 2 million through Oneplanetcrowd.

Future developments in Dutch crowdfunding sector

The popularity of the Dutch crowdfunding industry show that crowdsourcing is here to stay, according to Carlien Roodink (researcher at Crowdfundinghub).

Bringing the banks and crowdfunding platforms together will be one of the future developments. Carlien Roodink: ‘The real economy will get a boost if the banking and alternative finance industry take next steps in combining new and traditional finance instruments.’

Crowdfunding in the Netherlands

Crowdfunding in the Netherlands started in 2006. The country has a long history with the alternative finance industry. Over the past years this industry saw the arrival of several international platforms, resulting in a vibrant activity of the crowdfunding industry in the Netherlands.

Recently the Dutch government modified its regulatory framing regarding lending and equity based crowdfunding. Through this modification the government wants to encourage further growth of the industry and improve the access of finance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).