Crowd-funded Dutch Fairphone promises ethical tech

Dutch startup company Fairphone is set to start deliveries of it's ethical smartphone in October of this year. After a short, 3-week crowd-funding campaign, the company achieved the 5,000 pre-orders it needed to commence production. No mean feat considering that owners had to be prepared to pay out 325 euros for a phone that they hadn't even had in their hands.

Not-for-profit company

The not-for-profit company promises to monitor the entire supply chain of its Fairphone, from raw materials to final assembly, in order to ensure that workers are treated fairly and paid correctly and that the units are produced with the smallest possible environmental footprint. Users had a say in the phone's design and Fairphone have committed to making design and production costs transparent. The battery is replaceable, essential components can be purchased from Fairphone's website and the phone can be resold to Fairphone via a buy-back programme.