Dutch music sector worth 100 mln euros in 2011

The export value of Dutch Music has risen for the seventh year in succession, according to the Dutch Buma Culture Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports the Dutch music industry.

an increase of 23%

The statistics are based on returns from 2011 as the results of 2012 are not yet available. The music sector contributed more than 100 million euros to the Dutch economy in 2011, an increase of 23 percent over 2010, and there is every reason to believe that 2012's results will be even higher, after breakthroughs by Dutch DJ's such as Afrojack in the rapidly growing US dance music market. Two-thirds of the income is generated through dance music. The Dutch government has also officially added pop- and dance music to its Creative topsector, allowing it to benefit from various initiatives and to stimulate cross-fertilisation between music and other media.

Source: Financieel Dagblad