23 May Agri-food Sustainability Latam Summit 2019

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World Horticenter, Naaldwijk, Netherlands

n the Netherlands, at every turn the future of sustainable agriculture is taking shape—not in the boardrooms of big corporations but in thousands of modest family farms. A self-contained food system in which a near-perfect balance prevails between human ingenuity and nature’s potential. The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like.

In May 2019, the first edition of THE AFS LATAM SUMMIT will take place, focused on Agri-food Sustainability (fruit & vegetables). During two days an intensive program of conferences, networking, tours, startup pitch and workshops related with the agri-food sustainability sector will be held.

The main objectives of this summit are:

  • Explore new business opportunities and collaboration between Latin America and the Netherlands in the agri-food sustainability sector;
  • Share knowledge, experience and technology of the Netherlands in the agricultural food sustainability sector with Latin America;
  • Promote organic and low carbon food production;
  • Encourage the avoidance of using artificial fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetically modified organisms;
  • Promote sustainable soil fertility to ensure the future of production in agri-food.

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