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New Dutch Export: The Floating Farm

In 2015 the Dutch developer, Peter van Wingerden, went on a trade mission to China. His goal: to find a market for his innovative ...

News item | 22-04-2016 | 00:00

Winning Water From Waste

Dutch company Voltea expands its innovative water technology to the desert of Chile.

News item | 20-04-2016 | 00:00

Pharrell and Dutch brand G-Star join sustainable forces

US star Pharrell Williams becomes co-owner of Dutch clothing company G-Star. His company Bionic Yarn and the denim brand produce ...

News item | 01-03-2016 | 12:23

Holland creates largest river water storage area

Holland opens large river water storage area. Delta project protects country from flooding.

News item | 08-02-2016 | 10:23

Ocean Cleanup project evolves

Netherlands' entrepreneur Boyan Slat and his organization Ocean Cleanup have an innovative idea to discard the world’s oceans of ...

News item | 14-01-2016 | 10:15

New year, new website!

As of 4 January 2016, the website has become, a promotional platform to stimulate ...

News item | 04-01-2016 | 09:00

Dutch digital delta: an international testing ground for ICT

The dutch digital delta aims to turn the Netherlands into a fertile testing and development environment for international ...

News item | 24-12-2015 | 09:23

Holland helps Africa and Near East with water solutions for crops

The Netherlands recently donated 7 million US dollars to water-scarce countries in Africa and Near East.

News item | 01-12-2015 | 00:00

Dutch goals for UN Climate Summit COP21

How does the Netherlands take action against Climate Change?

News item | 13-11-2015 | 12:05

Dutch water solutions for Small Island Developing States

The Netherlands is going to provide water management expertise to Small Island Developing States (SIDS) such as Fiji.

News item | 01-10-2015 | 13:32