Pharrell and Dutch brand G-Star join sustainable forces

American superstar Pharrell Williams recently became co-owner of Dutch clothing company G-Star RAW. Williams’ company Bionic Yarn and the denim brand joined forces in producing a sustainable clothing line back in 2014.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams shared the news via his Instagram account: ‘On top of my business. As of today, proud to be a co-owner of G-Star RAW.’

In his new function, Pharrell will be involved in various creative activities of the Dutch brand. He will also be active in drafting G-Star’s company strategy, focusing on sustainability and innovation.

‘G-Star is an independently minded and forward-thinking company. I believe they will be the definitive jeans brand of the 21st century. I am looking forward to be part of that mission and to co-create G-Star's future,’ said Williams.

G-Star Chief Marketing Officer Thecla Schaeffer says: ‘In working with Pharrell Williams we wish to continue to innovate by allowing Pharrell to push the boundaries even further across all aspects of our business, from creating new product ideas and new visions on sustainability, to creating new brand experiences. We’re genuinely excited to welcome Pharrell into the G-Star mission in order to reimagine the future of denim together.’

Sustainable fashion

G-Star and Pharrell were already partners through his company Bionic Yarn. Both companies started the RAW for the Oceans project, dedicated to creating sustainable fashion using fabrics made out recycled plastic materials. The project was launched in 2014 at the New York Fashion Week.

Bionic Yarn

Bionic Yarn develops and produces threads and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. The threads used for the RAW for the Oceans project were created from plastic bottles which were collected from the world’s oceans and coasts.

G-Star RAW

Founded in 1989, the Dutch denim brand currently has an estimated annual revenue of € 750 million. The company has 7,000 retail outlets spread throughout the world.