Dutch water solutions for Small Island Developing States

At this year’s United Nations General Assembly, the Netherlands and Fiji held a side event focused on Sustainable Development Goals 14 (SDG14, Live Below Water) and water solutions for SIDS.

Water as a strong asset as well as a big challenge

SIDS are getting more vulnerable due to climate change and increasing hurricane activity. This is of special interest to the Dutch because three of the autonomous countries within the Kingdom (Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten) are SIDS.

As a low-lying country, the Dutch have centuries of experience battling floods and the impacts of climate change. For the Netherlands, water is both a strong asset as well as a big challenge. It is what ties them with the 38 SIDS that are UN member states and the 11 partner countries where water is a Dutch development policy priority.

Source: UN Sustainable Development Goals: Small Island Developing States