Dutch water approach to be used in the Red River Delta

The Netherlands is making its expertise available to help solve the problems in the Red River Delta.

The Mekong Delta Plan

During the 4th bilateral consultation held in the Mauritshuis, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure Melanie Shultz signed a Declaration of Intent to expand the Dutch sphere of activity in Vietnam to include the Red River Delta. This was an explicit wish of the Vietnamese government because the water problems associated with the Red River are extensive. The Dutch approach, that is in part based on the Dutch Delta Programme, is the subject of great interest internationally. The Netherlands is using the approach to share knowledge, build a large international network and create commercial opportunities. In addition to the Declaration of Intent, government officials from Holland and Vietnam discussed cooperation concerning maintenance and dredging activities in the Mekong delta, making Ho Chi Minh city climate-proof, the digital modelling of water, capacity building, investment programmes and administrative aspects. “The Mekong Delta Plan has again been expanded constructively today,”said Minister Schultz. “I firmly believe that this plan is helping to make the delta safer and Vietnam more prosperous”. The Mekong Delta Plan sets out a long-term vision and practical recommendations for the sustainable and safe development of the river delta.

Source: Government.nl