Innovative foil, Thorn-D, prevents ship's hull fouling

Amsterdam firm, Micanti BV, has developed an innovative solution for the prevention of marine-growth fouling of ship’s hulls.

Free of toxic agents

The answer to the problem, which affects all sea-going vessels, is a spiky foil layer that prevents organisms from obtaining a foothold on the hull. The foil, which is called Thorn-D®, is free of toxic agents and is environmentally friendly with no detrimental effect to the surrounding water. The fouling of hulls by organisms, such as mussels and barnacles, is a serious problem affecting the maritime sector as the growths often create significant drag which results in higher fuel consumption (up to 40% more) and increased noxious emissions, such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. A number of seagoing vessels were fitted with the foil already in 2013 in the Netherlands, U.K., USA, and the Middle East.