Flood-stricken English counties call for Dutch help

Dutch engineering expertise is being called in to provide solutions to flooding in parts of the county of Somerset in England.

Solutions to water challenges

Many counties in England and Scotland have received high levels of rainfall this year which has resulted in extensive flooding. Member of parliament for the Somerset town of Bridgewater, in the stricken area, Ian Liddell-Grainger, is set to meet Dutch government officials in London and Strasbourg in an effort to speed decision-making. Lack of maintenance over decades has resulted in rivers becoming silted-up, causing many rivers to burst their banks and conventional flood defences can no longer cope. Farmers in the area say they have contracted a firm of Dutch engineers to dredge sections of the River Parret. It was Dutch engineers that originally helped drain the low-lying parts of Somerset back in the 17th century. Now, the residents are looking to the Dutch to help them keep their feet dry. Prime Minister David Cameron has given assurances that dredging of the river will be given the go-ahead.