Dutch expertise for Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

The Dutch independent consultancy firm TwynstraGudde is to lead a consortium of Dutch and Bangladeshi organisations in the creation of new delta plan for Bangladesh over the coming years. Bangladesh is the largest river delta in the world. The Dutch ambassador to Bangladesh, Gerben de Jong, and consortium team leader Jaap de Heer recently signed a contract for the formulation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. The Dutch University of Wageningen  is also a partner in the consortium.

The Delta Plan 2100

The Netherlands and Bangladesh have much in common: both countries are experiencing a large growth in population, both are situated in a large river delta, and both are exposed to the threat of rising sea-levels. The two countries have already been engaged in knowledge exchange regarding water management for some forty years. The Delta Plan 2100 will mark the start of a long-term collaboration in the areas of delta management and delta technology. Wageningen UR will be contributing knowledge in the areas of land use and climate adaptation. The consortium will commence the writing of a long-term strategic plan for the entire delta. Results of the primary analyses will be finalized in June 2014.