IBM and Big Data for Dutch Digtal Delta flood protection

With 55 percent of the Dutch population located in areas prone to large-scale flooding, the Netherlands has immense experience in preventing floods and managing water. Every water-related event is critical and can impact businesses, agriculture and citizens’ daily lives. In order to protect this vulnerable delta region the Dutch government, together with various knowledge institutes and water authorities, has teamed up with IBM to create the Digital Delta; a breakthrough innovation program that will harness insights from Big Data to transform flood control and the management of the entire Dutch water system.

Digital Delta

Digital Delta will investigate how to integrate and analyze water data from a wide range of existing data sources. These include precipitation measurements, water level and water quality monitors, levee sensors, radar data, model predictions as well current and historic maintenance data from sluices, pumping stations, locks and dams. "The implications for this work are global as cities around the world move swiftly to adopt smarter solutions to better manage the water cycle,” said Michael J Dixon, general manager, Global Smarter Cities, IBM.