Geodata for Agriculture and Water programme blasts-off

With an expected 70% increase of the demand for food by 2050 and a limited supply of arable land, the planet is facing major challenges. This is why the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified food security as one of its major policy themes and has developed a new programme: the 'Geodata for Agriculture and Water Facility' (G4AW), to be executed by Netherlands Space Office.

Customised agricultural advice

Recent pilot studies show that readily-available satellite data can be interpreted and analy in order to provide customised agricultural advice to farmers, resulting in higher crop yields, more efficient use of valuable resources such as water and fertilizers, early warning for drought/flooding/disease epidemics, and financial support (micro insurances).

The G4AW Facility aims to improve the agricultural sector output in 15 partner countries by providing food producers with relevant information, advice or (financial) products through operational information chains using satellite data. Consortia of public and private parties are given the opportunity to tender in the G4AW Facility. The programme was officially opened by Dutch ISS astronaut Andre Kuipers. This took place via satellite as Kuipers was invited, at short notice, to the Kremlin, to receive a medal from President Putin.