TU Delft develops App to monitor canal water levels

Scientists from the TU Delft have developed a smart phone application that can control the settings of gates and pumps in a canal system to lead to more efficiƫnt water usage and less water corruption.

Mobile Canal Control

The scientists are currently testing the system - which is as simple as taking a picture of the water level on site - and are in the final stages of starting a spin-off company 'Mobile Canal Control'. The expect the system to attract attention in countries all over of the world where either water scarcity or corruption, or both, are major issues.

Over the last decades, the answer has been sought in canal automation. This solution, however, is simply too expensive for smaller systems. For larger canals, the installation might worth the investment, but here maintenance of the installations is a key issue.

At TU Delft, scientists are developing a solution that combines the advantages of canal automation (accurate and flexible water control) and manual operation (no vulnerable technical equipment needs to be installed at the control site), letting a smart phone app serve as interface between canal, operator and central controller.

Source: TU Delft