Dutch flood expertise for Bolivian river project

Dutch international engineering consultancy firm Royal HaskoningDHV is working together with the Bolivian Vice-Ministry for Water Management and the local Dutch Embassy, to set up a flood early-warning system for the Mamoré River in Bolivia.

The early-warning system

This is necessary because the river, a major tributary of the Amazon, floods every year causing considerable damage to nearby cattle ranches and villages. The early-warning system will alert inhabitants to potential danger of flooding, thus giving them time to take preventative measures. The system is being established in close collaboration with the Bolivian National Meteorological Service and the Operational Emergency Center that reacts whenever there is an emergency or a catastrophe in the Beni region through which the Mamoré River flows. A number of other institutes are also actively involved, having a direct or indirect role in prediction and early warning. The early-warning system is part of the 'Vivir con el Agua' (living with water) programme which aims to limit the effects of flooding in Bolivia. The project is being carried out by the consortium Witteveen+Bos (secretary), Royal HaskoningDHV, Deltares as well as Centro Agua Bolivia and the system will become operational in the course of 2014.