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Dutch Wastewater Treatment Technology Heads for North America

The Netherlands-based company Royal HaskoningDHV has introduced innovative biological wastewater treatment technology, Aqua...

News item | 22-01-2018 | 12:54

Seaweed farms - the next logical step in food security

As countries try to reduce their carbon emissions one of the worst polluters is cattle farming. So alternative sources of...

News item | 14-12-2016 | 09:23

Government fund helps innovative Dutch entrepreneurs set up shop abroad

Ten innovative Dutch firms have been selected for the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds 2016 (which translates as Orange Trade Mission...

News item | 28-11-2016 | 11:53

Dutch pool wins title world’s most beautiful public baths

Dutch architects Architekten Cie. have won the title world’s most beautiful public swimming pool for their design of the...

News item | 25-11-2016 | 12:27

Dutch coast superstorm proof for next 50 years

The Netherlands has just completed new sea defences rendering its coast superstorm proof for the next 50 years. The last...

News item | 11-11-2016 | 10:26

Dutch minister announces National Icons for 2016

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp announced the three National Icons for 2016 on a popular television show on...

News item | 19-10-2016 | 11:31

Conservationist heads Dutch Sustainable Top 100 list

The Sustainable Top 100 compiled by Dutch daily Trouw has been announced this week. The list is topped this year by...

News item | 11-10-2016 | 14:46

New ecosystem Marker Wad is a paradise gained

God made the earth and man made Holland is a frequently used saying here in the Netherlands, as the country is well known for...

News item | 27-09-2016 | 12:22

Waste Shark - Making It Safe To Go Back In The Water

The Port of Rotterdam has deployed a Waste Shark to patrol its harbour. Four aquatic drones will clear up plastic litter in the...

News item | 14-09-2016 | 17:30

Tocardo To Test Turbines In Bay Of Fundy

Dutch wave turbine company Tocardo is to harness the world’s strongest currents. The company will deploy four 250kW-rated T2...

News item | 02-09-2016 | 10:00