Rotterdam Installs More Heat Sensitive Traffic Lights

The city of Rotterdam is installing more heat sensor operated traffic lights for cyclists, after a test run proved to be very successful. Being the world’s number 1 cycling country, Holland is always looking for smart solutions to make cycling saver and more practical.

Heat sensor operated traffic lights

Sense the bike-riders

Cycling is part of everyday life in Rotterdam, Holland’s second largest city. The traffic lights will operate in bike lanes at busy intersections.

The lights can sense the number of bike-riders waiting at the red light. When there’s a group of about 10 cyclists, the light will turn green longer and more often, so they can continue in a steady flow.

Only during rush hour

Rotterdam has been testing heat sensor lights on one of the city’s busiest intersections for six months. During rush hour, cyclists used to have to wait for up to two minutes before being able to continue their journey.

The heat sensors are little balls at the top of the traffic light, which detect a person’s body heat. They only operate during rush hour. When rush hour is over, the traffic light turns more frequently.

More sensors

Rotterdam is also experimenting with other types of traffic light sensors, such as rain sensors. They make the light go green more frequently when it’s raining.

These solutions are part of a city council policy to make cycling even more popular.