Dutch Scientists Find Way To Reverse The Ageing Process

What if one injection would make you younger, and not just cosmetically? Dutch scientists studying the anti-ageing process have made a major breakthrough. The discovery can help in further studies on healthy aging and how people can become healthier once they have ailments. The findings could even lead to new treatment for cancer patients.

Anti-ageing process

Scientists at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam found a way to reverse the ageing process while experimenting on elderly mice. While doing their tests, the researchers discovered a way to alter the cells that play a role in ageing.

Kill senescent cells

Molecular genetics scientist Peter de Keizer and his team developed a compound to kill these so-called senescent cells. Senescent cells secrete proteins that cause a more rapid ageing of tissue and poorer organ function as we get older.

Running faster

As a result of the tests, the elderly mice started moving faster on their running wheel. Their organ functions improved and their fur became fuller.

More importantly, the injections had no negative effect. "The platelet count and the liver function, for example, remained normal", says De Keizer.

Cancer treatment

Getting rid of senescent cells could also be instrumental in cancer treatment. According to De Keizer, it would make chemotherapy more effective, as senescent cells tend to desensitise cancer cells to chemotherapy and can make tumours grow faster.

Next step

The next step in the research is to carry out more trials, possible on pigs. If those tests prove to be successful, De Keizer wants to conduct clinical trials for cancer patients: "We first want to investigate the safety and efficacy further. We then hope to expand the study to patients with aggressive forms of cancer within one to two years, and then eventually to study geriatric ailments. We do not seek eternal life, but a longer life without ailments and in excellent health would be great."