Quick facts and figures about the Life Sciences and Health industry

Holland's life sciences & Health industry helps advance health care worldwide.

Did you know?

  • The Netherlands ranks 8th worldwide in patent applications for medical technology and 2nd in patent applications for biotechnology.
  • With approximately 375 innovative life sciences companies clustered within a 120 mile radius, Holland is the most geographically concentrated region in the world when it comes to creating economic and social value in Life Sciences and Health.
  • The excellent medical research infrastructure is strongly focused on translational research in the different medical fields such oncology, cardiovascular, immunology and neuroscience.
  • The Netherlands is a global market leader in mobile healthcare, which enables the Dutch to contribute to rural health care in developing countries around the globe.
  • The industry annually exports around 37 billion euros in total of which 25 billion euros is pharmaceutical and the rest medical technology and medical and laboratory instruments.
  • The Dutch public-private partnership model, such as the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) and the three top institutes (TI Pharma, CTMM and BMM), have set an international standard.