Dutch football pitch technology for World Cup stadiums

Whatever the Dutch football team manage to achieve during the World Cup following their 5-1 victory over current world champions Spain, one Dutch company, Stadium Grow Lighting (SGL), is already celebrating world cup success.

The SGL system

Six of the official stadiums are foreseen with their ‘footballgrass’ treated playing surfaces. The firm, from Waddinxveen in the Netherlands was contracted to condition and perfect the grass surfaces at the stadiums using their proprietary systems – a combination of lighting, fertilising, lighting and watering technologies spun-off from the greenhouse horticulture sector. In each stadium a system of sensors were installed for eight week prior to the matches. Every five-minutes, data was transmitted back to SGL for analysis and, accordingly, appropriate doses of light, water and fertilisers applied. Special SGL-lamps were utilised to optimize the playing surface. Specific care advice was also provided to the stadium staff for follow-up. SGL came into being after amateur footballer Nico van Vuuren sought a solution for the poor grass condition at his local club back in 1998. He was convinced that knowledge from the greenhouse horticulture could provide the solution. Although his friends mocked his first efforts, in 2004, Dutch club PSV Eindhoven was the first to work with the SGL system and today SGL has at least 140 stadiums as clients.

Source: De Telegraaf