Holland now the world's biggest exporter of tomatoes

The Netherlands has overtaken Mexico to become the world’s biggest exporter of tomatoes, the Dutch newspaper AD reports.

16% more tomatoes in 2012

New export figures show the Dutch horticultural sector exported 16 percent more tomatoes in 2012, to the value of $1.8 billion compared with $1.7 billion for Mexico. Spain is the third biggest tomato country with exports totalling $1.2 billion a year. Turkey and France are in fourth and fifth place. Holland exported 1 billion kilos of tomatoes last year or 62 kilos per inhabitant. Most of Holland's tomatoes are destined for Europe and almost half go to Germany. Junior economic affairs minister Sharon Dijksma saidthe Netherlands is a world player in terms of fruit, vegetable and arable products. ‘This figures show the tomato sector knows what it is doing,’ she said. The Dutch tomato sector underwent an overhaul and has developed a variety of new breeds, explained Miranda van de Ende, manager of branch organisation Tomato World. In particular, the vine tomato has contributed to the growth of the Dutch sector.

Sources: DutchNews, AD, Statistics Netherlands