Keukenhof: showcase for Dutch horticulture and tourism

The Dutch park Keukenhof attracts 800,000 visitors to the Netherlands each year. "The spring gardens are a showcase for the Dutch tourism industry", said the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, during the recent official opening of the Keukenhof.

60% of all flower bulbs from Holland

The park is also a showcase for Dutch horticulture. Sixty percent of all flower bulbs in the world come from Holland and three-quarters of all global trade in flower bulbs passes through the Netherlands.

This year the park has a British theme, featuring floral representations of Big Ben and Tower Bridge. In 2012 flower bulbs to the value of 46 million euros were exported to Great Britain and around 70,000 British visitors passed through the Keukenhof gates.

In 2012 nearly 12 million foreign tourists visited the Netherlands and spent nearly 5 billion euros. With many small businesses, 400,000 jobs and an annual turnover of 37 billion euros, tourism is an important sector for the Dutch economy.