Dutch digital delta: an international testing ground for ICT

The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. As one of the world’s leading digital economies, The Netherlands has the ambition to keep it’s role as a forerunner while creating a groundbreaking testing environment for international investors and entrepreneurs. At the same time The Netherlands faces the challenge to ensure future access to highly educated ICT professionals and the efficient implementation of advanced robotics in the manufacturing processes throughout the whole value chain.

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Dutch digital delta

To reach those goals the dutch digital delta has been launched by the key sectors and has identified coming ICT challenges in a Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for the ICT sector, with an attached whitepaper focusing on Big Data called; Commit2Data. Simultaneously, the Human Capital Agenda ICT will be closing the market gap between supply and demand for ICT professionals. The first grants will be made available in the first half of 2016.


In cooperation with TNO, TU Delft, FME, Thales Group, Smart Industry and the Key Sectors; the dutch digital delta aims to turn the Netherlands into a fertile testing and development environment for international investors and entrepeneurs. Smart Industry is one of the primary focal points for the dutch digital delta. The first outgoing calls, expected early 2016, will be specifically designed to support Smart Industry initiatives.

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