Dutch electric motor fights air pollution in Chinese cities

Dutch automotive innovator e-Traction is to commence production of electric motors for city buses in China.

70% more efficient

The move comes as China realises that air pollution is increasing to an unbearable degree and blocking economic growth. Each year, around 450.000 new city buses are ordered in China, of which an increasing share will be electrical. Electric buses which are equipped with e-Traction’s motor hubs don’t have harmful pollutant emissions, are over 70 percent more efficient compared to diesel-powered buses, and offer their passengers much more comfort as engine noises and vibrations are things of the past. After many years of producing only prototypes and demonstration models, e-Traction has commenced serial production of its recently developed electric direct-drive in-wheel motor hub. Around one hundred city buses, equipped with this new propulsion technology, will be sold in Europe and the Far East this year. The long-term aim is to create worldwide sales, not only for city buses but also for private vehicles.