Holland paving the way for self-driving cars

The Netherlands wants to play a pioneering role internationally in paving the way for self-driving cars on public roads.

Test self-driving on Dutch roads

Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the Environment) wants to make it legal to perform large-scale testing of self-driving on Dutch roads. A Dutch consortium of reseach institute TNO and DAF, the Port of Rotterdam and Transport & Logistiek Nederland has already submitted the first application for a test. The consortium wants to test autonomous lorries that drive in convoys. The aim of the consortium is, within five years, to bring technology onto the market that logistics companies with such lorries can use to drive on public roads. Schultz van Haegen: “The age of self-driving cars has arrived…Self-driving cars will make a positive contribution to the flow of traffic and to the safety of our busy road network. Moreover, self-driving cars are more economical which is good for us as well as the environment.”Before self-driving cars are ready for safe use on a large scale, all the automatic functions must be tested in practice. To make testing on public roads legally possible, existing regulations must be amended. Minister Schultz intends to present a proposal to this end to the House of Representatives early in 2015. The Dutch minister also wants to take the international initiative to amend regulations to enable large-scale introduction of self-driving cars.

Source: Government.nl