Dutch researchers make data teleporting breakthrough

Dutch scientists, in what is ground-breaking research, have apparently found a way to teleport data.

New era in computing

Researchers at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft Technical University (TU Delft) have succeeded in deterministically transferring the information contained in a quantum bit – the quantum analogue of a classical bit - to a different quantum bit 3 metres away, without the information having travelled through the intervening space. In effect the process is ‘teleportation’ – albeit not in the form made popular by the popular sci-fi TV-series Star Trek. The breakthrough, if further substantiated, could herald new era in computing - an important step towards a quantum network for communication between future ultra-fast quantum computers – a quantum internet. Quantum computers will be able to solve certain important problems that even today's supercomputers are unable to tackle. Furthermore, a quantum internet will enable completely secure information transfer, as surreptitious eavesdropping will be fundamentally impossible in such a network. Research leader Prof. Ronald Hanson is planning to repeat the experiment this summer over a distance of 1300 metres, with chips located in various buildings on TU Delft's campus.