Dutch optical 3D-printing firm secures huge cash injection

Dutch company LUXeXceL, inventor of optical 3D-printing, has secured a multi-million euro injection by a group of large European investors.

Strengthen its global leadership position

The funding will enable the manufacturer to strengthen its global leadership position in the Additive Manufacturing of lenses and optical components. LUXeXceL’s founder and chairman Richard van de Vrie explains: “This cash injection secures our growth and corporate development, increasing the capabilities that we offer to optical designers and LED lighting manufacturers”. The company has invented and patented the “Printoptical” 3D-printing process. Through this technology it is possible to prototype and manufacture lenses and optical products like LED lights. What makes this process unique is that the printed end-product does not require post processing. The route from prototyping to manufacturing optical products to receiving them back, takes only a matter of days. Little difference remains between manufacturing one prototype, 100 samples or 10,000 pieces of an end product.

Source: Business Wire