Philips offers mobile connectivity via street lighting

Dutch electronics giant Philips and Ericsson have jointly launched an innovative new connected LED street lighting model.

Equipment from Ericsson

Philips will offer cities LED street lighting that can include mobile telecoms equipment from Ericsson. Mobile operators working with Ericsson for mobile broadband infrastructure will be able to rent space in the poles. In this way, mobile network operators will be able to improve data coverage and capacity for citizens, resulting in enhanced mobile broadband services. The partnership solves two major issues that cities are facing today: providing citizens with improved network performance in dense urban areas as well as enhanced safety with brighter, well lit streets. Frans van Houten, President and CEO of Philips, says: “We are offering lighting as a service that scales with a city’s needs and enables city officials to offer their citizens a more connected, energy efficient and safer urban environment, while preserving existing budgets and resources to improve the liveability of their city.”

Source: Philips Press Release