Dutch designer's 'Phonebloks' is waste free smartphone

Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has developed a revolutionary modular smartphone that could dramatically reduce global electronic waste.

Revolutionary modular smartphone

Hakkens' 'Phonebloks' concept lets users update or replace parts of their cell phone instead of having to replace the entire device. The invention is receiving worldwide media attention and celebrity endorsement, CNN reports. Hakkens says that he came up with Phonebloks as a response to the accelerating pace of technological waste (e-waste). Once constructed, Hakkens hopes that the Phonebloks handset will be built from components that can be 'clicked' together like Lego. Each component will have its own function e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, or camera. When a component stops working or needs to be upgraded, it can be quickly replaced with a new 'blok'. Hakkens plans to have an online hardware shop, called the Blokstore. To raise money for his project, Hakkens has initiated a crowd-speaking platform 'Thunderclap'.

Source: CNN