Amsterdam start-up is 3D-printing world-leader

Amsterdam start-up 3D Hubs is currently the world’s largest network for 3D printers and fabricators.

3D Hubs

3D Hubs links owners of 3D printers with designers and fabricators, allowing them to realise their projects. 3D Hubs’ biggest competitor is the US firm Makexyz, however the Amsterdam start-up network is larger, with more than 1,200 3D printers worldwide. 3D Hubs also received investment from the British firm Balderton Capital, and four Dutch private investors. The ‘friendly and local’ Dutch 3D printing eco-system is the key to it’s success, as companies grow and assist each other, and this, together with research conducted at universities, research institutions and a domestic media that picks-up developments and reports them, ensures strong growth of this new technology.

Source: NUzakelijk