Dutch designer makes open-source machines to recycle plastic

Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phone Bloks, has developed open-source machines for recycling plastic.

Precious Plastic open-source machines

The Precious Plastic open-source machines, which he demonstrated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, are able to locally make new products out of recycled plastic. Hakkens makes his designs available to the world, so others can recreate the machines to their own specifications and improve them. The Precious Plastic open-source machines include a shredder, extruder, injection moulder and a rotation moulder. All of these components are based on large industrial machines, used by big factories. However, Dave's machines are less complex and more flexible. With the machines, it is possible to manufacture a variety of products, like lamps and vases. The open-source nature of the machines enables users to create their own moulds, including filaments for 3D-printers.

Source: Dezeen.com