Dutch test self-steering car on highway

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz was the first to ride in an automatically driven car on a Dutch highway on 12 November.

Automatic driving boosts traffic safety

The car, equipped with technology developed by Dutch research institute TNO, is part of Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI), a collaboration between business and knowledge centres to develop technology to enable cars and trucks to drive automatically on the highway, cooperatively and at low cost. Tests on the public road must demonstrate that automatic driving boosts traffic safety, improves traffic flow, cuts down on fuel and thereby reduces CO2 emissions. In the ‘platooning’ concept, vehicles drive at a short distance from each other, determining the speed by communicating with other vehicles on the road and with the driver not having his hands on the steering wheel. This means that the cars not only have the technology for automatic driving but that they can also communicate through a wireless communication network with other cars and the surrounding infrastructure.

Source: TNO