Wageningen: world's 2nd-highest-ranked biotech city

Research carried out by two scientists in Utrecht indicates that the city of Wageningen, in the Dutch province of Gelderland, is the second-ranked city in the world in the field of biotechnology. Only Cambridge, in the US, ranked higher.

Stable growers

The researchers classify Wageningen as a stable and growing city due to the fact that the total number of scientific publications emanating from it remains constant. These so-called 'stable growers' indicate locations where new scientific investigations are carried out. The researchers, Gaston Heimeriks and Ron Boschma, from Utrecht University, investigated how and where new scientific knowledge originated in relation to the competitiveness of countries and regions. They analysed scientific publications from the period 1986-2008 in terms of author, workplace, and across titles such as 'bioreactor', 'enzyme' and 'recombinant'. The results indicated a shift in the countries wherein knowledge creation occurred. Whereas, in the 1980s those were primarily Europe, Japan and the US, recent years have seen significant growth in Asia, South Korea, and China. Cambridge (US) published the highest number of papers (431), followed by Wageningen (353) and London (352). The south Korean cities of Seoul and Taejon ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

Source: NRC Handelsblad