High-tech regions join forces across continents

Brainport Region Eindhoven has signed an agreement with the Canadian city of Wateroo, Ontario, to create together with a third city in Asia, yet to be defined, a 'Global Triangle for Intelligent Communities'.

Stimulate structural cooperation and knowledge sharing

Waterloo, like Eindhoven is a renowned tech centre with many high-tech industrial companies and knowledge and research institutes. The regions aim to create a link with similar regions in different continents in order to stimulate structural cooperation and knowledge sharing in respect to talent, R&D, investments and strategic innovation. Prior to visiting Waterloo, a delegation from Eindhoven attended the three-day Intelligent Community Forum in New York, where the city of Taichung in Taiwan was voted the World's Most Intelligent Region 2013. Eindhoven received the title in 2011.

Source: Eindhoven.nl