Philips and Disney team up for immersive lighting experience

Dutch electronics multinational Philips, has teamed up with Disney to develop a new range of intelligent lighting for children's bedrooms. The Philips Disney range includes breakthrough concepts in connected lighting that allow children to interact with Disney stories and characters.

Magical lighting experience

The revolutionary connected lighting concept allows children and parents to connect e-books with their lighting to interactively create a magical lighting experience that makes reading more fun and allows families to become fully immersed in the story. The range also includes lights featuring ‘light that comforts’, such as nightlights that emit a gentle glow, to products designed to help promote a regular sleep pattern for children by letting them know when it’s time to get up. Inspiration is at the heart of the lighting products: bringing Disney characters to life through lighting, inserting magical colour to children’s bedrooms and making story time an even more engaging experience.