DNV KEMA creates world's first super grid test lab

According to a recent report by the International Energy Agency, the global demand for electricity will grow more than 70 percent by 2035.

High power laboratory

This increase in demand is related to global economic growth, population growth—especially in emerging countries—as well as the expected increase in the use of electric vehicles, electric appliances, heat pumps, and other forms of electrification. To address this growth, energy consulting and testing & certification company DNV KEMA is to invest approximately 70 million euros in the expansion of its High Power Laboratory in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Extreme testing

With the expansion, DNV KEMA will create the first laboratory in the world in the extreme testing segment for the upcoming market for super grids: bulk energy transport at 800 kV+ levels (800,000 Volts and above). DNV KEMA's High-Power Laboratory is already the world’s largest short-circuit testing lab for T&D networks. Under the expansion programme the testing capacity will be technologically and physically expanded. Whilst new super grid technologies are focused on safety and reliability, there is always a risk of outage.


The impact of outages in super grids is huge, both from an economic, social, and technical point of view. "To ensure safety and reliability of the energy infrastructure, equipment manufacturers need to be able to test components at these extreme power levels. In addition, we will have further testing slots available to meet the high demand from manufacturers and utilities," states Bas Verhoeven, director, High-Power Laboratory and High-Voltage Laboratory, DNV KEMA.