72-million-euro investment in Holland's South Wing

Government, industry and academia are to invest 72 million euros in the coming years to strengthen the economic power of the South Holland region, or the South Wing, as it is called. A total of 20 initiatives in all, will focus on further development and renewal of traditionally strong sectors of the economy, such as port-industrial complexes, greenports and campuses.

Sustainable energy sources and bio-based energy

In addition, the programmes will assist the transition to a cleaner economy driven sustainable energy sources and bio-based energy. The port-industrial development will evolve to become the largest, most modern and sustainable petro- chemical- and energy complex in Europe. The Greenports will focus on product innovation and improvement of space utilization and reduction of energy consumption.

Catalysts for innovation and industry
The campuses and knowledge centres, which include those of Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam and the concentration of tech-related companies in their immediate vicinity, will act as catalysts for innovation and industry. The ICT sector will also see development of cross-sector innovation projects which will raise the international profile of ICT in the region. The investment is seen as essential, in spite of the current the economic crisis, to provide the necessary renewal and growth for this ambitious region.