Holland ranks 6th in Globalization Index 2012

The Dutch economy ranks 6th in the World Globalization Index 2012, moving up two places since the year before.

Driven by technology and the cross-border flow of ideas

The report compiled by Ernst & Young ranks the world's 60 leading economies. This year's report, entitled "Looking beyond the obvious, globalization and new opportunities for growth", shows that, despite the economic recession in many global markets, international trade and investment continues to grow." The growth of globalization is driven by technology and the cross-border flow of ideas," the report states. The leading globalization countries have an edge of their counterparts thanks to "the diffusion of broadband, social, digital and mobile technologies which is much higher in these markets, enabling them to retain a high share in the export of goods and services," according to the report. However, increasingly, non-BRIC rapid- growth markets (such as Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and Vietnam) are emerging as attractive locations for global business.

Source: Ernst & Young