New chip to reduce food wastage by 25-40%

A new chip currently being developed promises to reduce food wastage by between 25 and 40 percent.

The Pasteur chip

Market research indicates that the food industry discards 25-billion-euros-worth of spoiled goods every year, while within the home, 300-euros-worth of bruised fruit, bad meat and other perishables are thrown away by each household every year. The Pasteur chip, which will replace the 'best before' date, monitors in-pack aspects such as temperature, humidity and fungal growth, providing a much more accurate indication of the state of the product. The Pasteur consortium includes major European companies such as Philips and NXP semi-conductors, as well as research institutes and universities, such as Wageningen UR and TU Delft and activities cover the entire trajectory from academic and industrial research, through technology development, to packaging, manufacturing and the end-user. Contributing partners from Spain, Austria and Belgium are also involved in the project.